Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Library Day


I have been working on this piece of furniture this week that i bought at a garage sale, I am repainting it and I am quit excited about it!!   I am so sorry that i did not take any pictures of my before so that i can take an after…bummer. I plan to use it as a console table so maybe i can shoot some before pics of the location that i plan to set it and then post the after pic when i have it all completed.

It takes me a long time to finish a project like this for i stop dozens of times to kiss someone's boo-bo, feed hungry mouths, assist one to the bathroom, settle a fight, basically if i don’t just GO and GRAB my paint brush it doesn’t ever happen…haha

Today was story time at our local Library. I must say that we do have a nice library in our town.So for the first time i took the kids.Below is our storyteller named Tessa. click here to see our summer schedule.



  1. Hey Kathy!! :) I enjoy checking out your blog every now and then. :) The kids are getting sooo big!! Will you be around this saturday?? I will be in Mifflin for a couple of hours visiting your parents and would love to see you all if your around. :) Let me know. You can email me at paintponys@yahoo.com or call me, 863-303-3721. Heather :) (James girlfriend, lol. Just in case you were wondering:)

  2. Well post a pic of the piece of furniture for crying out loud!!! I'm dying to see it. BTW I keep forgetting to tell you - I love the page on Lindy's life, definitely keep us posted there. Great talking to you tonight, we were long overdue.


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